You can become an official partner or affiliate of D-1 by submitting your contact information and becoming a financial supporter of the work. We suggest $60.00 per year, payable monthly or yearly but any donations are accepted and appreciated. Members get all mailings and media products at no charge, plus discounts on any fundraising items.

You can get involved in D-1 work by contacting us using the information above. We can work with you long distance or travel, as long as you cover expenses.

You can support the work of Destiny One with prayers and words and/or making a check or money order Payable to Destiny One Ministries, Inc. and sending it to the above address.


Destiny One is the next evolution of Liberation Zone Ministries, founded in 1998 by Kojo and Shannon Livingston in New Orleans and incorporated in 1999. When hurricane Katrina destroyed their home, the Livingstons relocated to Shreveport, La. Destiny One began as an LZ Newsletter prior to Katrina and was incorporated in September of 2006.

D-1/LZ is a Non-Traditional Christian Ministry that is Black Nationalist and Pan Afrikanist, meaning that our First Focus is the uplift of Black people  as a major step in creating a better world.


Kojo Livingston was ordained as a Baptist Minister in 1984. He has over 39 years experience as a community organizer/developer. He has created and directed youth and violence-prevention programs. His ministry involves street-level direct outreach and crisis intervention. He is a 30+ year veteran journalist who has written for, designed and edited local and national newspapers and magazines. His current and past affiliations include Christian Unity B. C. (New Orleans), the U.N.I.A., the Republic of New Afrika, and others.


Shannon Livingston is a recognized minister (since 2003) with over 30 years experience in all phases of church work, including administration, counseling, evangelism and street outreach. She has over 20 years of professional experience in human services work and a psychology degree from Loyola University. She is a seasoned teacher/preacher/ conference speaker with a special insight into women’s and family issues. She is also a skilled instructor in Afrikan and sacred dance. Event planning is a sideline of hers.

OTHERS - Many elders have played a role in the development of LZ/D-1, including Sis. Dara Abubakari (aka Virginia Collins), Dr. Morris F. X. Jeff, Mother Estelle James, Mama Alma Watkins,
Queen Mother Suma Diarra, Baba Chuck Siler, Baba Harold Batiste, Baba Takuna Tarhaka, Baba Minor Bell, Baba Royal Hill, Mama Rose Ventriss Williams, Mama Eileen St. Julien and Pastor Dwight Webster. Through the years LZ/Destiny One has worked with many neighborhood, religious, cultural and political organizations.


"Let's Go Get Our People!"

PO Box 78214 Shreveport, LA 71137 * Phone (318) 834-0322
e:mail    Website:

Let's Go Get Our People!!!


  We believe the Supreme Purpose of all Christian Ministry is to promote a Personal Relationship with

The Creator, through the teachings, example and sacrifice of The Christ.


We also believe that the sincere Pursuit of this Relationship results in the Development of one's Highest Divine Potential and the Fululfillment of one’s Destiny (God’s plan for a person or group).


We believe that all Genuine Ministry incites and guides everyday people to Think for Yourself, Seek for Yourself, Know the TRUTH for Yourself...and Live the Truth as you find it.


The practical manifestation of The Supreme Purpose and Specific Mission of this Ministry is: 

To pursue the complete Physical, Cultural, Political, Economic and Spiritual Liberation of Black/Afrikan People everywhere; fulfilling our God-given Destiny as a strong, prosperous, righteous people who will lend light and leadership to the world



Our Strategies for Achieving the Mission Include:


#1: Promoting the value and practice of Self Love among Black/Afrikan people

The most critical thing that Black people must do to move forward is to LOVE ourselves. Love means an intense valuing of our selves, our heritage, and our community. The result: strong, peaceful, prosperous people, families, communities and nations.

The evidence of this deficiency is seen in many ways, among them: Black on Black Crime, lack of support for Black businesses – over 90% of our dollars go directly out of our community, promoting negative media images of ourselves, accepting white standards of beauty and behavior, accepting white images of Biblical characters,  focusing most of our energy on protesting or  pleasing other ethnic groups

Work in this area involves publicity efforts (including paraphernalia), teaching events and other activities that show why and how Black people should demonstrate love for our collective selves.


#2: Offering-promoting a Vision/Definition of Liberation that Black People can agree and unite around

Black people have not approached true Liberation because no two groups can agree on what it is.

The failure to agree on a broad, common goal has resulted in fragmented, sporadic movements that gain ground only to lose it. Black people now own less land, fewer businesses and have practically lost our own culture. We are moving backwards.





·         Self-Sufficiency - to PROVIDE for oneself – this means owning the land, businesses etc to supply ourselves with Food, Clothing, Shelter, Health Care, Education, Protection, Transportation and Communications

·         Self-Determination means to DECIDE for oneself –this means controlling our systems of Culture, Economics, Politics and Religion.

·         Justice  – is a functional commitment to the, Well Being, Total Development and Fair Treatment of everyone

We will approach Black civic, religious, business and political groups to seek agreement, in writing, on a national vision. A clear, common goal can be the basis for effective and lasting unity and action.


#3: Promoting the need for Black people to have a long term VISION and realistic PLANS for achieving Liberation. To cease living in reaction to the policies and actions of other ethnic groups. We will also provide planning models and assistance with planning on different levels


#4: Providing Black/Afrikan people with information, analysis and models that will help people understand and practice Self-Determination and Self-Sufficiency.  This includes:


The Liberated Zone Initiative - House-to-house organizing that begins with prayer groups or history classes in homes, corners or businesses.

Nubian Brotherhood- a men’s action/ accountability group that goes into the streets to reach lost brothers and conducts a Rites of Passage for young and old.

D-1 National Speaker’s Bureau
Publications/Media Outreach
Newsletter, National Black Daily Newspaper, website and presentations on television, radio and other vehicles, including instructive/motivational CD’s/videos

Conferences, Events and Meetings -  we either sponsor or participate in several, including:

§         The Gathering/Chindaba – a long-term, national Black planning initiative that began with a conference in 2001

§         Afrikan Liberation Day – worldwide celebration of Afrikan nations gaining independence that began in 1958 as African Freedom Day

§         Marcus Garvey Day – the birthday of the greatest Afrikan leader of the 20th century

§         Malcolm X Day – the birthday of the man who freed the minds of many Black people
King Day – the birthday of the man who symbolized the Civil Rights movement
year-end ‘first fruits’ celebration 

#5: Long Term Development Projects

The Dr. Morris Jeff, Jr. National Centers for Manhood Development – a network of cradle-to-the-grave centers for reclaiming our men and concept of manhood beginning with youth & young adults

Marcus Garvey Centers for Community Life – intergenerational centers designed to address every aspect of Black life, from health to entertainment.




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